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Outdated apps may break certain functionality in Bamboo. If Bamboo detects the presence of a non-working app, it will print a warning to its logs during startup and ask you to refer to this page.

For more information about why Bamboo printed a particular warning, please refer to a section below that is relevant to the app in question.

Experimental Bamboo Git Plugin

Since version 3.0, Bamboo is distributed with a fully supported version of the Bamboo Git Plugin.

The experimental Bamboo Git Plugin that was available before Bamboo 3.0 (and was not distributed with Bamboo) does not work with Bamboo 3.0 and later.

If you were using the experimental Bamboo Git Plugin, please remove the app from your Bamboo installation, and manually reconfigure each plan that was using it to use the Bamboo Git Plugin that is distributed with Bamboo.

Hung Build Killer

Starting from version 6.4, Bamboo is shipped with a built-in mechanism for monitoring builds. As a result, the Hung build killer becomes deprecated. If you're using the Hung build killer plugin and you want to upgrade to Bamboo 6.4 or higher, the Hung build killer is going to be disabled after the upgrade. 

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