Integrating Bamboo with Atlassian applications

You can integrate Bamboo with the following Atlassian applications:

When Bamboo is integrated with a Jira application, you can:

When Bamboo is integrated with Hipchat, you can get notifications from Bamboo for things like:

  • when a build passes or fails
  • when you are assigned responsibility for a breaking build
  • when a build you are responsible for has been fixed
  • when a manual stage of a build is ready to be run
  • when a deployment starts, and completes

...and many other notification events.

When Bamboo is integrated with Bitbucket Server:

  • Bamboo will automatically run a build when changes are pushed to the Bitbucket repository, without needing to configure polling.
  • Bamboo will automatically update plan branches when a developer pushes a new branch to the repository (or deletes a branch).
  • You can click through to Bitbucket to see the commit diff for all files that are part of the changeset.
  • Bitbucket commits that are part of a build are displayed in Bamboo.
  • Build results are notified to Bitbucket (and displayed for the associated commits and pull requests).

When Bamboo is integrated with Confluence, you can add the following Bamboo gadgets to a Confluence wiki page:

When Bamboo is integrated with Fisheye, you can:

  • view the code changes that triggered a build
  • explore a failed build in Fisheye and jump directly into the changeset that broke the build
  • view the history of the changeset to see what the author was trying to fix
  • analyze the change using the side-by-side diff view
  • open the relevant files in your IDE.

When Bamboo is integrated with Clover, you can:

  • 各ビルド結果のコード カバレッジの詳細 (つまり、テストでカバーされたコードの割合) を表示する
  • ジョブの一定期間におけるコード カバレッジの傾向を表示する
  • ジョブのコード カバレッジの要約を表示する

See The big list of Atlassian gadgets.

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