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You can view all of the executable capabilities that have been defined in Bamboo on the Executables page. These include local server capabilities, local agent-specific capabilities and remote agent-specific capabilities.

実行可能ファイルは、ビルド プロセス中に Bamboo が使用する外部プログラムです。一般的に、実行可能ファイルはソース コードをコンパイルし、コンパイル済みの実行可能ファイルを生成します(これは Bamboo ではアーティファクトと呼ばれます)。ビルド プロセスの一環として使用できる実行可能ファイルのいくつかの例は、AntMavenMSBuild、または PHPUnit です。

新しい実行可能ファイルは、Bamboo の機能として定義することができます。実行可能ファイルが Bamboo で定義されていると、タスクの一部として設定することができます。

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Viewing and configuring executable capabilities

To view and configure the executable capabilities defined in Bamboo:

  1. Go to cogwheel icon > Build resources > Executables.
  2. Select a specific executable's tab to see the agents and jobs related to this executable capability.

Executables list


  • Bamboo's automatic detection of executables — When you install the Bamboo server application or the Bamboo Remote Agent application on another machine, either of these applications will automatically look for existing executables installed on the same machine (based on a combination of the machine's environment variables and other conditions). An executable capability will be created for each executable that either of these Bamboo applications find.

    The environment variables and conditions that Bamboo uses to automatically detect and create executable capabilities are listed below. With the exception of the Command executable, the paths for each automatically detected executable are based on the path string values found within these environment variables.
    • Ant — the ANT_HOME environment variable
    • Maven — the MAVEN_HOME environment variable (Maven 1), M2_HOME or MAVEN2_HOME environment variable (Maven 2.x)
    • Grails — GRAILS_HOME environment variable
    • Command — the existence of the /bin/bash file
    • PHPUnit — the existence of the phpunit file anywhere within the machine's PATH environment variable value
  • Local agents and executable capabilities — Since Bamboo automatically looks for executables installed on the same machine and creates an executable capability for each executable installation it finds, all existing and subsequent local agents that you create will possess these executable capabilities. Hence, when you access the Executables page and view these executable capabilities, all local agents will be grouped together in the All local agents category and you will only be able to remove these executable capabilities from all local agents, not from individual local agents.
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