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This page describes how to configure a Bamboo task to use Fastlane.

To configure a Fastlane task:

  1. Go to the Tasks configuration tab for the job. 
  2. Click the Add task button.
    From the list of task types, select Fastlane.

  3. Provide the Fastlane settings:

    Tasks DescriptionA description of the task, which is displayed in Bamboo.
    このタスクを無効化 オンまたはオフにすることで、選択的にこのタスクを実行します。
    実行可能ファイルThe executable that is available to perform the task. The executable that you select will become one of the task's (and so, the job's) requirements.
    LaneThe lane you want to execute. This field also allows you to define Fastlane properties such as param:paramValue.
    環境変数Extra parameter variables. You can define multiple variables.
    Working sub-directoryAn sub-directory which can be used as an alternative for the task.
  4. 保存をクリックします。 


Test result parsing:

Bamboo supports test report in the JUnit XML format. To allow Bamboo to recognise tests from the Fastlane process you must:

  1. Configure the Fastlane Scan to produce test output in the JUnit format:
    1. Create ScanFile in your Fastlane directory with the following content:

      output_types "junit"
  2. Add the JUnit Parser task to parse the results and point it to the Fastlane test output directory.
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