Using Discovery on Linux

Install Assets Discovery



アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


You can use Assets Discovery on Linux from version 2.2.0 onwards. Check out the system requirements

What do I need?

To use the Discovery Tool (or the Collector), you'll need to install the latest Mono packages on your Linux System.

Use mono --version and make sure that the version is higher or equal to 5.2.0.

How do I set up Discovery?

After installing the required Mono packages you can extract the package on your system (for example. /opt/).

Starting from 7.0.0, the above zip file contains an MSI installer. You’ll need to extract the files using a separate package, msiextract, after unzipping the archive. 

You can make use of the pre-command mono with the included executables (Discovery.exe, Collector.exe, ScanViewer.exe).

For example, to start the set up for Discovery use mono Discovery.exe -s


As you can't install the Discovery and Collector as a Service (Windows-Service) on a Linux System, you'll need to add Cron Tasks that execute the functions to to check the configured settings.

Setup your cron task with sudo permissions sudo crontab -e.

Here's some cron examples that you may find useful:

  • Check the configured scan settings and execute the command every minute.

    * * * * * mono /opt/Discovery/Discovery.exe -stsc
  • Check if data from the agents can be collected from the configured agent IP ranges every ten minutes.

    */10 * * * * mono /opt/Discovery/Discovery.exe -stad
  • Check if the data can be transferred to the collector every minute.

    * * * * * mono /opt/Discovery/Collector.exe

Can I connect to Windows?

As Mono.Net doesn't support WMI, you can't connect a Discovery Tool running on Linux to a Windows system.

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