Team Calendars 6.0リリースノート

20 April 2018

Welcome to Team Calendars 6.0.

This version is no longer available to download

In Team Calendars 5.5.0 we made some changes to recurring events. These changes introduced a serious bug that may impact your Confluence site.

If you have Team Calendars 5.5.0 - 6.0.1, and you attempt to delete a recurring event, duplicates are created in the database, which can cause performance problems and out of memory errors when viewing a calendar, because the duplicates are loaded back into memory when the calendar is re-loaded.

We recommend upgrading the Team Calendars for Confluence add-on to 6.0.14 or later to avoid being affected by this issue.

See  CONFSERVER-55506 - Getting issue details... STATUS  for details, including how to remove duplicates, if you have already been affected. 

Use Team Calendars in your favourite calendar app

It's the feature you've been waiting for - Team Calendars now supports CalDAV, which means that when you subscribe to a calendar in a calendar app that supports CalDAV you will be able to view and update events from your calendar app!  For example if you sync your Team Calendar to Outlook, you can add new events and update existing events right from Outlook! 

Hit the new Subscribe button at the top of any calendar, then choose your calendar app from the list. We've listed the most common apps, and provide a link to our step-by-step guide to help you set it up. 

Many calendar apps support CalDAV, including:

  • Microsoft Outlook (Windows only)
  • Apple カレンダー (MacOS)
  • Apple カレンダー (iOS)
  • Google カレンダー (Android)
  • Thunderbird

Your app not listed?  No problem, you can choose either iCal or CalDAV from the list, depending on the standard your app supports. 


  • Not all calendar apps support CalDav, so the ability to edit events is not available in all calendars, including Google calendar (browser), Outlook (MacOS) and Outlook (browser). 
  • Some calendar apps, such as Outlook on Windows, or Google Calendar on Android require a CalDAV plugin. 
  • Refresh intervals will be determined by your Calendar app, not Team Calendars. Some update more quickly than others. 

Team Calendars gets a fresh, new look

We're bringing a refreshed look and feel to many of our Server and Data Center products, and in this release, it's Team Calendars' turn. This work is based on the new Atlassian design and includes things like updated colors, typography, and icons. Take a look...

We've not made any changes to navigation - your favorite features will be just where you left them.

Update Team Calendars

Before completing this update process, we recommend you back up your Confluence database (which includes Team Calendars data).

Confluence の場合

  1. Choose  > Add-ons
  2. Choose Update to the right of the Team Calendars entry

If you encounter any problems in the update process, you can downgrade by installing the version of Team Calendars you were running previously (also available from the Marketplace).

Issues Resolved in 6.0.0

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