Cannot Login to Stash Using External User Account After Moving JIRA/Crowd Server


After having moved the JIRA or Crowd user server in the network, users are unable to log into Stash using external accounts. When trying to reset your user password, the following error is reported on screen:

Your account details are read-only.
Please contact your administrator to change your password.


Try the workaround to reset admin users password. If that does not help, follow the steps below:

  1. Stop Stash.
  2. Ensure you have a complete database and STASH_HOME backup.
  3. Run the following query on your Stash database:


 update cwd_directory set active='T' where id=32769;

          This will enable internal user directory and allow you to log into the application as an admin and update the user directory related configuration via the UI.

     4.  Restart Stash.


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