Stash A File With SourceTree


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This article should help users to perform a git stash with SourceTree.


Read here to learn more about git stash operations:

A mercurial equivalent of Stash is called Shelve:

  • If a mercurial repository is opened in SourceTree, the function will appear as Shelve instead of git's Stash.

To stash your changes:

  1. First, there has to be a change done to a file.
  2. Once there's a change, then the Stash button at the dashboard will be enabled by SourceTree to be used:

Clicking on Stash will trigger this window to pop up:


  1. Enter a description message
  2. Check "Keep staged changes" if you want to keep the rest of the changes that are staged.
  3. OK をクリックします。

You will then notice a new column that appears at the sidebar, called Stashes. And the file is now changed back to the state before it was modified:

To apply back the changes, simply right-click on the Stash created, and click Apply Stash. Your file should revert back to the modified version:

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