Portfolio Plan is slow to interact with when loading many releases


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An Advanced Roadmaps (formerly Portfolio for Jira) plan becomes incredibly slow to interact with — even scrolling the browser bar — when it's configured with too many releases.


All versions of Jira 7.x and Jira 8.x.

All versions of Advanced Roadmaps up to 3.x.

Any browser.


The plan loads slowly and visual elements on the screen take too long to load, even if the plan fall within the limits specified on Creating and Deleting plans.

Even the browser scroll bar is slow to move up and down the issues list.


A plan's performance is seriously degraded if there is a huge number of releases selected on the plan's configuration. This overloads the whole interface and even rendering visual elements on the browser become slow.


Reconfigure the plan and select a smaller amount of releases (or none at all, if you don't need them).

You can accomplish that by

  1. Click on the cog icon on the upper left corner of the plan view
  2. Select Configure
  3. Under the Source Data menu, select Issue sources
  4. Click on Next without changing the filters or boards
  5. On step 2/3 "Select relevant releases", either deselect all or select a fewer number of them
  6. Click on Next after confirming the issue list
  7. Click on Done

Confirm that the plan is much faster to work and navigate on.

最終更新日 2020 年 9 月 10 日


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