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Here are some of the most-asked questions about Questions for Confluence.

Can I use Questions without Confluence?

No, Questions for Confluence is an add-on for Confluence. If you're interested in a standalone version of Questions for Confluence, please vote and comment on this issue  CONFCLOUD-51773 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

How does licensing work?

Questions for Confluence is a paid add-on for Confluence. Find out more about Questions pricing.

I've got ideas. Where can I give you feedback? 

We'd love to hear from you. Raise a feedback issue in our issue tracker to help us make Questions for Confluence more awesome. 

I think I've found a bug. How can I tell you about it? 

You can raise a bug in our issue tracker

What happens to my questions when my trial ends?

If you disable the Questions for Confluence add-on, you'll lose access to your Questions content – including existing questions and answers. But that content isn't lost for good. If you do buy a license later, questions and answers from your trial will reappear when you reinstall the add-on.

Why don't my new questions appear in the Activity feed?

Questions are included in the Popular tab of the Activity feed. Whether a question is popular is based on the number of answers, comments and up votes it has. You may find that your questions don't appear because they're competing with pages and posts that have more likes and comments. 

When will you make a REST API available?

There's no REST API for the cloud version of Questions for Confluence. We'll update you if this changes.

Can I export to/import from Questions for Confluence Server?

Right now there's no way to export to/import from Questions for Confluence Server. We're really hopeful we'll be able to support migration in future, but we unfortunately can't give any guarantees or timeframes at this point. If and when the situation changes, we'll let you know.

Can I import questions from another Q&A system?

We currently don't provide an import or export tool for Questions for Confluence Cloud.

Last modified on Mar 18, 2020


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