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When a customer navigates to (Customer Portal > My requests > Closed requests), there are requests which Status is not closed but showing up in the list


Once a request has been marked as resolved, JIRA Service Desk considers it closed and displays it on the Closed requests tab. If the request is reopened, the resolution status is not cleared, so the request remains in the Closed requests tab, even if that status has changed (e.g. to Waiting for Support).  


You can manually clear the Resolution field of the request to move it to the Open requests tab, which works for an individual request.

To apply this change to all reopened requests, follow these steps: 

  1. Select  > Projects and select the name of the service desk project you wish to change.
  2. Select Workflows from the side menu.
  3. In the Operations column, selectto edit your workflow. Make sure you are on the Text (rather than Diagram) tab.
  4. In the Transitions (ids) column, select the Reopen issue transition.
  5. In the Post Functions tab, select Add post function
  6. Choose Update Issue Field and select Add
  7. Select the Resolution Issue Field and None Field Value from the two dropdown menus, and then select Add
  8. You will be back on the Reopen issue transition screen. Select Publish Draft to finalize your changes. 


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