Why are sprints removed from issues when issues are moved to another project?


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Jira 9.6 introduces a fix and two potential permanent resolutions for the following known issue: a closed or completed sprint gets automatically removed from the Sprint issue field when you’re moving issues to a different project.

The issue has been tracked in the ticket JSWSERVER-13333 - Getting issue details... STATUS

History of change

Jira 8.8 以降、ユーザーが課題を別のプロジェクトに移動する際に、"クローズ済み" ステータスのすべてのスプリントがスプリント課題フィールドから自動的に削除されています。この挙動の目的は、関連性の低いスプリントをベロシティ レポートから取り除くことにありました。


現時点では、ユーザーはベロシティ レポートに関連性の低いスプリントを表示するかどうかを判断できますが、データ損失やシステム挙動の不透明性は残っています。

Updates in Jira 9.6

The following components have been removed:

  • The feature flag unlink.sprints.on.issue.move responsible for the unwanted behavior.

  • The @ExperimentalApi methods from SprintIssueService:

    • ServiceResult removeIssuesFromHistoricalSprints(@Nullable ApplicationUser user, @Nonnull Collection issues);

    • ServiceResult removeIssuesFromHistoricalSprintsNoPermissionCheck(@Nullable ApplicationUser user, Collection issues);

Options of permanent solutions


  1. When moving issues to another project, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to keep or remove closed or completed sprints in them. Vote for this solution and leave your feedback in JSWSERVER-11992 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Before moving issues to another project, you’ll be able to manually remove closed or completed sprints from them. Vote for this solution and leave your feedback in JSWSERVER-15615 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We’ll consider your feedback to develop and implement the optimal solution.

最終更新日: 2023 年 1 月 3 日


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