Validation Error for March ( März ) Date Picker in German " Umlaute " Environment


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March is called März in German but the date picker creates 12/Mrz/2015 and JIRA doesn't recognize "Mrz" abbreviation.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Go to General Configuration
  2. Change Indexing Language to German
  3. Change Default Language to Deutsch (Deutschland)
  4. Change Default user time zone to Europe and Timezone to (GMT+01:00) Berlin
  5. Change any date picker field (e. g Due Date) to any date in March (e.g 4/Mrz/15 10:25 PM)

Errors Produced 

duedate: Sie haben kein gültiges Datum eingegeben. Geben Sie das Datum im Format 'd/MMM/yy' ein (z. B. '16/Dez/14').
duedate: You did not enter a valid date. Please type the date in the format 'd / MMM / yy' (for. & Nbsp; B '1



This issue has been confirmed a bug and the development team is currently working on it. A bug report has been created here :   JRASERVER-64849 - Getting issue details... STATUS

This KB was created because as March is coming soon, many customers would be facing this issue.



  • Change the date format from 20/Mrz/15 to 20.03.15 with the below setting in Advanced Settings: H:mm %H:%M

    (info) For Cloud instances, kindly refer to the Configuring advanced settings documentation.

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