Unable to Create Issues from Email or View Users in 'Manage Users' Due to Users with the Same Name


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  1. Can't see any users in the JIRA Administration User Browser.
  2. Can't create issues from incoming email.

The following message appears in the logs:

ERROR [action.admin.user.UserBrowser] Exception getting users: java.lang.RuntimeException: Found more than one user with name 'XXXX'; ids [GenericEntity:OSUser][passwordHash,null][name,XXXX][id,10340], [GenericEntity:OSUser][passwordHash,null][name,XXXX][id,10320]java.lang.RuntimeException: Found more than one user with name 'XXXXu'; ids [GenericEntity:OSUser][passwordHash,null]
[name,XXXX][id,10340], [GenericEntity:OSUser][passwordHash,null][name,XXXX][id,10320]


This problem is reported on JRA-5714 and as per JRA-17865 it can be caused by misbehaving mail integration. Please contribute any observations as comments below.


Based on the stack trace, you can see there is two id with duplicate user account, for example id 10340 and 10320.

Run the following SQL queries on the database:

select * from userbase where username = '<username>';

If more than one row is found, there is a duplicate user.

Run the following queries:

----Check each of the user id got any entity associate on it----
select * from propertyentry where ENTITY_NAME='OSUser' and ENTITY_ID in (select id from userbase where id = '<id>');
select id, pkey, reporter, assignee from jiraissue where reporter = '<username>';
select id, pkey, reporter, assignee from jiraissue where assignee = '<username>';

If there is no result, all instances of user 'XXXX' are spurious.


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  1.  Complete the steps in the Diagnosis section above. If there are duplicate users, remove the one that doesn't have any entity associate on the user id by using the following SQL statement:

    delete from userbase where id = '<id>';
  2. Jira を再起動します。
Last modified on Mar 30, 2016


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