Requests not visible in the Jira Service Management Customer Portal


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[自分が作成者] またはカスタマーが所属する組織の配下にチケットが表示されない。ただし、Jira ユーザーが Jira インターフェイスで課題を確認すると、Jira 課題がプロジェクト内に存在し、適切な報告者が設定されている。


When a ticket is created via Jira through the Create button, users have the option to select Issue Types or Request Types. If an Issue Type is selected, the Request Type field will show as None.

The Request Type is what makes the ticket visible for the customer in the portal and also what triggers customer notifications.


There are different causes for this behavior:

  • Request created in JIRA Create issue screen and only an Issue Type was selected;
  • The issue was moved from another project;
  • The issue was moved to a different Issue Type and a new Request Type was not selected;
  • 課題が [クローズ] ステータスだったときにリクエスト タイプが削除され、その後、一致するリクエスト タイプを持つことなく再オープンされた
  • リクエスト タイプが手動で削除された
  • Issue imported from an external system.


Open the customer request in the Issue View, browse to the Request type field, and manually set a valid request type available for this Issue Type.

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You can also apply Automatically set Customer Request Type When Issue is Moved or Created via JIRA to prevent this happens again in the future.

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