PropertySet Table Mappings


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The propertyentry table is where JIRA stores user, licenses and other configuration information. Each property in the table contains a record in either the propertystringpropertydecimalpropertydatepropertytextpropertydata or propertynumber, depending on the propertytype.  When querying the propertyentry table, the only reference to which table the value of a record exists in, is the propertytype column.  The below table is used for reference so that the correct table is queried.

Propertyentry Tablepropertynumberpropertydecimalpropertystringpropertytextpropertydatepropertydata
propertytype1, 2, 345678, 9, 10, 11

For example, if we run select * from propertyentry; we may get the following:

To return the value for the com.pyxis.greenhopper.jira:build record, we can use the id value as the unique identifier.  Referencing the mapping above, we know that the propertytype 5 indicates that the value is stored in the propertystring table.

With this information we can run select * from propertystring where id=12208; to return the value 29.

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