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The main concepts of JIRA permissions revolve around:  Users, Groups Global Permissions, Permission Schemes, and Project Roles

  • Users are defined by having 'JIRA Users' global permissions. They can login and count towards your JIRA license. 
  • Groups   are multiple users within your instance that need the same application permissions.
  • Global Permissions   are system wide and are granted to groups of users. In JIRA we have the following permissions:
    • JIRA 管理者
    • JIRA Users
    • ユーザーの参照
    • 共有オブジェクトの作成
    • グループフィルターサブスクリプションの管理
    • 一括変更
  • Permission Schemes   is a set of users groups or project roles assignments for the project permissions. A single JIRA project can only have one permission scheme. However, a particular permission scheme can be used by a number of projects. 
  • Project Roles are a flexible way to associate users and/or groups with particular projects. Their main difference with JIRA groups is that they are  project-specific while groups are global across the JIRA application. 


The graph below illustrates Atlassian's suggested best practice when it comes to permissions.  

  1. Only Project Roles are assigned to the Permission Scheme. Users and groups are not included in this phase.
  2. Assign Project Roles to the users or groups through the project administration page.

By using the above set up you'll be able to re-use the same permission scheme for different projects and avoid duplication. 

Project Roles Main Players

In JIRA, we have three default roles namely: Administrators, Developers, and Users. 


It contains the user/s who administer a given project in your JIRA application. They can add new users or groups, and manage components and versions as well.


It has the user/s who work on issues in a given project. They can be issues assignees and can edit, and log work on those issues.


It contains people who create issues in a given project. They can view and comment on the issues they raised. 


For associating a permission scheme with a project, you can refer to this: Associating a Permission Scheme with a Project.

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