Managing attachments in JIRA applications


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As the number of issues grow in JIRA applications it may be required that JIRA application home directory disk space get filled up due to large number of attachments added to the issues.


The drive which is hosting the JIRA application home directory  is running out of free space.


There are multiple approaches that can be taken here.

Moving the home directory

Attachments are stored under the data directory in JIRA application home directory  as explained here. So in order to have attachments stored in an another directory the JIRA application home directory  can be moved to a different location as explained below.

  1. Shutdown JIRA applications
  2. Copy the existing JIRA applications home to the new location of your choice
  3. Run the JIRA application configuration tool to point to the new JIRA application home directory you made in the previous step.
  4. Jira アプリケーションを再起動します。
  5. Once JIRA application is running successfully using the new JIRA application home, the older directory may deleted.
Linking the attachment directory

In Linux systems it is possible to link the JIRA_HOME/data/attachments directory to another path which has sufficient disk space.

(info) Do remember to copy the existing attachments to the new path while creating the link.

(warning) Shutdown your JIRA application before making the path changes.

Archiving/Moving of older attachments

It is also possible that attachments related to older issues which are not required anymore can be moved out to a different path in a regular basis from $JIRA_HOME/data/attachments. More detailed steps about this can be found in the following article: How to archive attachments of archived projects

Please note that the JIRA application will throw an error if an attempt is made to access the attachments which are archived out.

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