Issue description or comment is showing the HTML code rather than the real content


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After an upgrade from JIRA 4.x to JIRA 5.x or later: 

  1. The issue description for the issue which is created by the issue collector is showing the HTML code rather than the real content.
  2. When using "@" mentions in a comment, it is showing like the below example, rather than linking to the actual user profile: 



The issue description and comment is still using the "Default Text Render" rather then the "Wiki Style Render". Also, it is possible that the "Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin" in the "System Plugins" list is somehow disabled. Please see our Configuring Renderers documentation for further information on the use of renderers within JIRA.


If you were previously using the Tiny MCE plugin for JIRA, this KB is not validated as the data is already HTML code which is not renderable by the Wiki Style Renderer. Please refer to the procedure Reverting from TinyMCE to plain text to reverse the HTML code to plain text.

  1. Access the Field Configuration in Administration > Field Configurations.
  2. Open the "Default Field Configuration", or the appropriate Field Configuration associated to the project.
  3. Change the renderer for the "Description" and/or "Comment" fields from "Default Text Renderer" to "Wiki Style Renderer".
  4. Verify that the "Wiki Renderer Macros Plugin" is enable in the "System Plugins".
  5. Clear your browser cache and then access the issue that was not previously rendering correctly.
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