How to disable the Log Work option in JIRA


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プラットフォームについて: サーバーと Data Center のみ。この記事は、サーバーおよび Data Center プラットフォームのアトラシアン製品にのみ適用されます。


Users who are using worklog attributes and the validation settings in Tempo sometimes want to disable the log work module in JIRA to force the usage of the Tempo validation. Note that the steps necessary for doing so depend on whether you’re using JIRA 6.x.

(info) Please note that it is not currently possible to disable the log work module in the Cloud environment.


  1. Log in as a JIRA administrator, and select Administration > Add-ons > Manage Add-ons
  2. Select System in the drop down
  3. Scroll down and locate Issue Operations Plugin, click on Modules, then disable the Ops Bar Work Link (log-work) module.

  4. Then close locate Issue Tab Panels Plugin & click on Modules, then disable the Work Log Tab Panel (worklog-tab panel) module.

  5. The JIRA Log Work button is now removed on your Issue screen under the More button

    (info) If disabling the "+" button (on the issue view screen at the estimate time section) is needed, locate View Issue Panels click on Modules, then disable the webfragments.view.issue.timetracking.create.worklog module.


最終更新日 2020 年 9 月 29 日


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