Jira Server でクラスタ ロックのヘルス チェックに失敗


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In JIRA Data Centre some operations require the a lock to be placed across all nodes for operations that should only be operated on one node at a time, for example taking a backup of the index. This Health Check will check the age of the cluster locks and report a warning in the event that a cluster lock is found that is older than five minutes.


ヘルス チェックは正常に完了しました。No lock was detected that is older than five minutes.
Node '<node-name>' has been holding cluster lock, '<lock>', for <seconds> seconds.A lock has been held for longer than five minutes.



A Node has not released a lock.

Check that the node reported in the health check is responsive and running. Review the logs of the node to see if there are any errors or exceptions.

In the event that the node is not running, or unresponsive, a restart of the affected node is expected to clear the lock. Prior to doing so it is recommended to collect thread dumps as per Generating a Thread Dump.

Database is timing out when completing work.

Check the performance of your database. This can be done by:

A task is taking a long time to complete.

Follow our Troubleshoot performance issues in Jira server KB.

An LDAP communication issue can also be causing this: Unlimited LDAP read timeout can cause Cluster Locks health check to fail if there are communication issues



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