Canned Responses Are No Longer Available


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


プラットフォームについて: Server と Data Center のみ - この記事は、サーバーおよびデータセンター プラットフォームのアトラシアン製品にのみ適用されます。


In Jira Service Management version 4.0.0, users cannot find canned responses, and the below error is thrown in the user interface:

We can't add canned response data to the search index right now. You could try again or contact your administrator


Users may find, select and edit canned responses.


Service Management does not properly close a Lucene search index. 

This has been identified and fixed in  JSDSERVER-6470 - Getting issue details... STATUS


The log files may contain errors similar to those shown below:

2019-05-13 12:49:33,047 http-nio-8080-exec-519 WARN  769x169315x1  /rest/servicedesk/canned-responses/1/search/PROJECT [cannedresponses.internal.index.CannedResponseIndexManagerImpl] There was an error while searching for Canned Response : CannedResponseSear
chParams{query=Optional.empty, userKey=Optional.empty, date=Optional.empty, cannedResponseSearchSubstitutionParams=Optional[CannedResponseSearchSubstitutionParams{issue=EXT-2111}], includeDisabled=false, serviceDesk=ServiceDeskImpl{serviceDeskId=3, projectId=10700, projectName=IRT Support, accessConfig=AccessConfig{p
ublicSignUp=false, openAccess=false}, createdByUserKey=some(hont), createdDate=some(2018-10-23 07:48:04.688), createdWithEmptyProject=some(true), createdAtVersion=some(3.15.3-REL-0003), legacyCommentTransitionDisabled=true}, limitedPagedRequest=LimitedPagedRequestImpl{start=0, limit=5, maxLimit=500}}$CannedResponseSearchException: Error while performing Canned Response search

2019-05-13 12:49:33,056 http-nio-8080-exec-544 WARN  769x169316x1   /rest/servicedesk/canned-responses/1/search/PROJECT [] Unexpected exception during execution of canned response index searcher
com.atlassian.jira.util.RuntimeIOException: Lock held by this virtual machine: /var/atlassian/jira/caches/indexesV1/plugins/servicedeskcannedresponses/write.lock
        at com.atlassian.jira.index.WriterWrapper$1.get(


This problem is fixed in the following Jira Service Management versions: 4.0.4, 4.1.3, 4.3.2, and 4.4.0 and greater.

The following workaround is available for customers using other versions of Jira Service Management:

  • Stop Jira.
  • Delete the file <Jira_HOME>/caches/indexesV1/plugins/servicedeskcannedresponses/write.lock.
  • Start Jira. Upon startup, the canned response index should be rebuilt.

If the problem persists, please reach out to Atlassian Support via

最終更新日 2020 年 11 月 23 日


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