Build and Release option missing in JIRA


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  • When trying to release a version in JIRA, the options to run a Build in Bamboo as described in Running a Bamboo Build when Releasing a Version is missing, even though there is a properly configured JIRA to Bamboo Application link, and all the documented requirements are meant.
  • The version release menu from the Project Administration page shows a Release option, but the Build and Release option is missing:
  • The release button at the top-right is missing from the versions page:


The JIRA Bamboo plugin is disabled.


Simply find and re-enable the system plugin *JIRA Bamboo Plugin* from Manage Add-ons Administration page in JIRA:

  1. Navigate through Administration Menu > Add-ons > Manage Add-ons
  2. Select "System Plugins" from the dropdown menu next to "Filter visible add-ons"
  3. Find the JIRA Bamboo Plugin from the list of System Plugins and enable it - also ensure all plugin modules are enabled.
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