Applinks between JIRA and Confluence can't be created due to obsolete applinks IDs in Confluence database


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It's fine to create applinks from JIRA to Confluence, however the reciprocal link can't be created. Confluence complains that the JIRA URL is invalid and asks for Consumer key to proceed. The following WARNs can be seen from Confluence log:

2017-03-06 20:57:24,369 WARN [AtlassianEvent::CustomizableThreadFactory-3] [applinks.internal.capabilities.DefaultRemoteCapabilitiesService] getApplinkSafe Exception trying to get Applink for manifest with ID 3ffde444-4275-38f8-961b-91837ea4f27a
 -- url: /rest/applinks/3.0/applicationlinkForm/manifest.json | traceId: b803eeff136826b6 | userName: <user_name> | referer:
2017-03-06 20:57:34,577 WARN [http-nio-8086-exec-16] [atlassian.applinks.core.DefaultApplicationLinkService] retrieveApplicationLink Couldn't find type id for application link with id 3ffde444-4275-38f8-961b-91837ea4f27a. Link is corrupted
 -- referer: | url: /rest/applinks/3.0/applicationlink | traceId: 76a9844691805253 | userName: <user_name>
2017-03-06 21:20:51,397 WARN [http-nio-8086-exec-28] [atlassian.applinks.core.DefaultApplicationLinkService] retrieveApplicationLink Couldn't find type id for application link with id 47cdea51-7966-32e3-a08c-fbfd60c5f7c8. Link is corrupted
 -- url: /plugins/servlet/streams | traceId: 99ef7bde818df7b7 | userName: <user_name>


In the sample stack trace above, take note of this:

Couldn't find type id for application link with id <ID>. Link is corrupted

There may be a number of different IDs, while the applinks page in Confluence may not have any applinks. This indicates that there're obsolete applinks IDs in the Confluence database.


There's a complete Application Links Troubleshooting Guide. Please ensure to double-check your network, proxy settings, and SSL certificates before referring to this specific KB. This KB only applies when all the network-related matters have been ruled out e.g.:

  • JIRA URL is absolutely valid and can be reached from the Confluence server
  • There's no PKIX error related to SSL certificate

The last thing we should look into is the database.


There are obsolete applinks IDs in the Confluence database that seem to confuse Confluence, making it think that JIRA applinks has been configured incorrectly.

The following SQL query run against Confluence database will show the valid applinks IDs, if any:

select * from bandana where bandanakey like 'applinks.admin%name';

The number of results should match the number of applinks in Confluence's applinks page, and the applinks name/s should also match. For example:


In this case:

  • The valid applinks ID is b2693708-529b-3dda-804b-9c1a6d3e78e5 and you should see ExistingApplinks from Confluence's applinks page

  • According to the WARNs from the Problem section, the obsolete applinks IDs are (there are no other applinks on Confluence's applinks page):


The following SQL query will then show us the obsolete applinks IDs:

select * from bandana where bandanakey like '';

The output should look like this (containing both valid and invalid IDs):




Ensure that you've made appropriate backups of Confluence's database.

We need to delete the obsolete IDs. In this case run this SQL query (keep only the valid ID/s):

update bandana set bandanavalue = '<list>
</list>' where bandanakey like '';

then restart Confluence and recreate the applinks.


In case the Confluence applinks page has no applinks at all, this query should return nothing:

select * from bandana where bandanakey like 'applinks.admin%name';

In that case, the key should only contain invalid IDs, so we should delete it: 

delete from bandana where bandanakey like '';
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If you're unsure, contact Atlassian Support and provide us with the outputs of the SELECT queries only.

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