Status change [<REPO>]: fatal: object <COMMIT_HASH> not found


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The following entry appear on the fisheye-debug-<DATE>.log with the DEBUG 'ON':

2012-07-15 13:56:38,269 DEBUG [ExtProcess IO Pump <REPO>] RepositoryStatus-setMessage - Status change [<REPO>]: error: unable to find 2c8b3f87cb395cdc88865d97804b1bf804f8a027
2012-07-15 13:56:38,269 DEBUG [ExtProcess IO Pump <REPO>] RepositoryStatus-setMessage - Status change [<REPO>]: fatal: object 2c8b3f87cb395cdc88865d97804b1bf804f8a027 not found
2012-07-19 00:29:59,770 ERROR [IncrementalPinger1 ] OneOffPingRequest-doRequest - Exception during slurp
com.cenqua.fisheye.config.ConfigException: Unable to fetch from remote repository: ssh://<USER>@<REPO>/<PATH>
Caused by: com.atlassian.utils.process.ProcessException: While executing: "git fetch ssh://<USER>@<REPO>/<PATH> +refs/*:refs/* "
Caused by: com.atlassian.utils.process.ProcessException: Non-zero exit code: 1


Run the following command on both the source repository and Fisheye/Crucible's clone (FISHEYE_INST/var/cache/<REPO>/clone) of the source repository:

git show-ref

This will list all branches and tags in the repository. It will tell how to identify if the cause is an errant branch or tag that points to a non-existent revision

git log --graph --format="%H"

This issue is verified if the commit hash from the ERROR above EXISTS in the repository but DOESN'T EXIST in the Fisheye/Crucible clone. Otherwise, please open a SAC issue.


The reference to the stash was not cloned to Fisheye/Crucible's clone of the repository.


Since command git stash only works in a working directory, we will not be able to run it directly on the source repository. The git stash is just a bash script, which automatically fails if it detects it is working on a bare clone. It runs the following command on git core to actually delete the stash (see note below):

git update-ref -d refs/stash [COMMIT_HASH]

This command will completely wipe the stash so retrieve valuable information prior to running or ensure the data is no longer needed.

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