How Do I Manually Update The Fisheye/Crucible License In Configuration File


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If the license updating via Fisheye administration fails, you can also update directly in the configuration file by performing the steps below. The license details for Fisheye/Crucible are stored in config.xml.

  1. Shutdown Fisheye instance.
  2. Navigate to Fisheye/INST folder path.
  3. Backup the config.xml file and edit the config.xml file with any text editor.
  4. Modify the Fisheye and Crucible parameter under the license tag and replace it with your license.

    <license SID="XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX">
    <fisheye>FishEye License Here</fisheye>
    <crucible>Crucible License Here</crucible>
  5. Save and close the config.xml file.
  6. Start your instance and verify if the license had been updated by navigating to Fisheye Administration area > System Info. 
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