Connecting Fisheye to JIRA User Management


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As Fisheye is asked to connect to JIRA for user management (for instance in Step 3 of the Fisheye setup wizard), the following error message is displayed in the GUI:

Failed to authenticate application link between JIRA server at to this FishEye server at Please read the troubleshooting guide.


No connection for user management has been configured in JIRA for Fisheye.


The steps below only apply when connecting Fisheye/Crucible to a Server instance of JIRA, while they don't apply to a Cloud instance of JIRA as mentioned on the Restricted functions in JIRA Cloud page.

  • In the JIRA UI, select the "cog" icon and click on the User management option from the drop down
  • Once in the User management administration tab, select JIRA user server
  • Make sure that an entry with Fisheye as Application name is available and that its details are correct. If no entry for Fisheye is available, please refer to the JIRA and Crowd authentication guide that explains how to create a new connection application process and then try to integrate applications for user management again.


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