Why do I need to describe the branch and tag structure for Subversion repositories?

In Subversion, branches and tags are defined by convention, based on their path within a repository, and not directly defined by the repository. A few different layout alternatives are commonly used. It is also possible that you are using your own custom layout. As a result you need to describe to Fisheye which paths in your repository are used as branches and tags.

It is very important that you correctly define in Fisheye the layout you are using. If you do not, Fisheye will not know which paths represent tags and branches. This will prevent Fisheye from relating different versions of the same logical file across separate paths within your repository. It will also mean that Fisheye's cache will be much larger as each tagged path will be indexed separately. This will result in an increase in the initial scan time and may reduce runtime performance.

If you are having trouble using Subversion tags, see How tags work in Subversion.

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