Renaming a user



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Renaming a user changes their login name. To change their display name, see Editing a user's details.

Renaming internal users

To rename a user:

  1. In the Admin area, click Users under 'User Settings'.
  2. Locate the user and click their username. 
    If the user doesn't initially appear on the screen, type part of their email address and/or select a group to which they belong, and click Filter.
  3. Click Rename.
  4. Enter the new username 
  5. Click Rename.

Renaming users when using external directories

When using external directories, you usually rename users in the external directory, not in Fisheye itself. Fisheye should detect that a user has been renamed during the next directory synchronization, or when the renamed user tries to log in, and associate the modified username with the user data in Fisheye, as long as the new username isn't used by any other user in the system.

For Crucible review data, due to an existing bug CRUC-7106, you will need to trigger a Crucible reindex so that the old reviews will be associated with the new username. 

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