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2019 年 12 月 5 日 

We are happy to share Fisheye 4.8 with you. In this release we deliver support for Subversion 1.10 with fantastic performance improvements along with support for Microsoft Edge. 

Make sure to read all about our newest features. If you're an upgrading user, see our upgrade guide. See also changes delivered in Crucible.

Subversion 1.10 LTS

The long-term support release of Subversion 1.10 is now supported by Fisheye too. You can use both: a bundled SVNKit 1.10 java library as well as JavaHL native libraries to access your Subversion 1.10 repositories.

Among many other features, Apache Subversion 1.10 brings fast LZ4 compression for on-disk data (with filesystem format 8) and over the wire (for http:// and svn:// connections). Synthetic benchmarks for LZ4 show that compression+transfer+decompression are several times faster than for zlib.

Fasten your seatbelts, because our internal benchmarks showed that repository indexing can be up to 50% faster

The results on your environment may vary, as they depend on both the hardware and repository structure. Having said this, we highly encourage you to upgrade to the latest Fisheye 4.8, to upgrade Subversion repositories to 1.10 format, and to check which of the protocols and clients will work the best for you (see Native support for SVN).

Chart: repository indexing time

The chart above shows durations (in seconds) of full index for one test repository having 4000 commits, 5000 files and 100 MB in size after checkout. Environment used was AWS EC2 (m5.large, 8GB RAM, 2 CPU, gp2 disk) with Ubuntu 18. Fisheye 4.7 ran with Subversion 1.9 and repository in 1.9 format (FSFS Format 7). Fisheye 4.8 ran with Subversion 1.10 and repository in 1.10 format (FSFS Format 8). Three protocols have been tested with both bundled SVNKit (java library) and JavaHL (native library). Local filesystem as well as svnserve and Apache running on the localhost have been used.

Microsoft Edge

We are happy to inform that since this release you can also use Microsoft Edge (we support the latest stable version).

At the same time, Fisheye 4.8.x is the last release line which supports Internet Explorer 11. For more details, see the Retiring IE11 support for Atlassian cloud, server, and data center products announcement.

Adopt OpenJDK 8

With Fisheye 4.8 our team switched to Adopt OpenJDK 8 as our primary development and testing platform. Of course we still test compatibility with Oracle's Java 8, so both are our supported platforms.

The Oracle's JRE is no longer bundled in Windows installer for Fisheye. We did this so that you can choose freely which JRE to use. It also makes JRE management (and upgrades) easier, as Fisheye will always use the JRE installed on the machine instead of a bundled one.


We're happy to announce support for Git 2.21-2.23. In Crucible 4.8.x, we no longer support Subversion server 1.5 and 1.6.

API の変更

In this release we changed the way how general and file comments are handled in Java API, changed REST endpoint for review comments as well as modified default and maximum values for several JVM properties related with indexing. See the Upgrade guide for details.



This section will contain information about the Fisheye 4.8 minor releases as they become available. These releases will be free to all customers with active Fisheye software maintenance.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Fisheye, please refer to the Fisheye upgrade guide.

The issues listed below highlights some of the bugs resolved in Fisheye 4.8.x.

15 December 2020 - Fisheye 4.8.5

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11 September 2020 - Fisheye 4.8.4

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03 July 2020 - Fisheye 4.8.3

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24 April 2020 - Fisheye 4.8.2

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25 February 2020 - Fisheye 4.8.1

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5 December 2019 - Fisheye 4.8.0

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