End of Support Announcement for Internally Managed Repositories



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On August 14th 2013, we are ending support for internally managed repositories. 

You can stay on older versions of Fisheye to support your existing installations with Git repository management. However, Atlassian will remove all functionality related to repository management, from Fisheye versions released after August 14th 2013. We are committed to helping our customers understand this decision and to assist you in migrating your repositories to one of the two other solutions offered by Atlassian if needed:

  • Bitbucket Server (formerly known as Stash) if you need to host your repositories behind your firewall
  • Bitbucket if you prefer a SaaS hosting solution

Why is repository management being removed?

Fisheye was built to enable browsing, searching and visualizing source code in various Version Control Systems. With many customers requesting repository management, we have decided to provide a solution on top of Fisheye. However, the part of Fisheye's architecture that allows it to index different types of repositories and access your Subversion and Git repositories in one place, turned out to not be adequate for a repository management solution.

We have decided to focus on the core strengths of Fisheye - browsing, searching and visualizing multiple source code management systems - and strengthen the product around these features. This also has enabled us to deliver a much more focused approach to Git repository management and offer a new solution – Atlassian Bitbucket Server – which was build from the ground-up with repository management as a focus.

Going forward Fisheye will continue to deliver new features and enhancements to help users browse, search and visualize across different Version Control Systems including Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce and CVS.

My team manages Git repositories in Fisheye, how do we migrate?

See our Migration guide for Git internally managed repositories for migration strategies and procedures.

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