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Setting up Stash to use your SMTP mail server:

  • allows Stash to send notifications about events to do with pull requests. See Using pull requests in Stash. Note that if the mail server fails, notifications will be dropped.
  • allows Stash to email a link to a newly created user, which the user can use to generate their own password.
  • allows a user to reset his or her password if they forget it.

To configure a mail server for Stash, go to the administration area and click Mail server (under 'Settings'). See Supported platforms for the mail clients supported by Stash.

Complete the form and click Save.

ホスト名The hostname of the mail server (for example "localhost" or "").
ポートThe port of the mail server (if unspecified, the port 25 will be used).
ユーザ名The username to use to connect to the mail server.
パスワードThe password to use to connect to the mail server.

Use either SMTP or SMTPS when connecting to the mail server.

When using SMTP, you can specify that:

  • SSL/TLS is used if supported by the mail server, otherwise mail is sent in plaintext.
  • mail should only be sent if the mail server supports SSL/TLS.

See Securing email notifications below.

メールの差出人Specifies the 'From' header in notification emails (for example:

Anonymous user

If you wish to set up the outgoing mail server as an anonymous user, simply leave the username and password fields empty. However, in Chrome, these fields may be auto-populated, leading to an error – as a workaround, try using a different browser.

Securing email notifications

Stash 3.6 and later versions support the following protocols:

  • SMTP, where mail is not encrypted.
  • SMTP encrypted by SSL/TLS using the STARTTLS extension, where the protocol conversation is upgraded only if SSL/TLS is supported by the mail server, but otherwise remains as plaintext.
  • SMTP, where STARTTLS support is required on the mail server, otherwise mail is not sent. 
  • SMTPS (where the whole protocol conversation uses SSL/TLS).

Note that if you use either SMTP with STARTTLS, or SMTPS, and connect to a self-signed mail server, you may need to import the server's cert ificate and set up a custom cacerts file for Stash (just as you do for any outbound SSL/TLS connection to a self-signed server). See this Stash knowledge base article for information about how to do that.

Configuring the mail server to use Gmail

If you wish to connect to a Gmail account for email notifications in Stash, refer to the Configuring the Mail Server to Use Gmail guide.

In particular, note that Gmail won't show images in the email because of the way that Google loads images on their servers. For Google Apps, a Stash administrator can solve the problem by adding the Stash domain name to a whitelist – see for more information.