Stash is now known as Bitbucket Server.
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We are continuously working to make Stash better. Data about how you use Stash helps us do that. We have updated our Privacy Policy so that we may collect usage data automatically unless you disable collection. The data we collect includes information about the systems on which your installation of Stash is operating, the features you use in Stash, and your use of common IT terminology within the product. For more details, see our Privacy Policy, in particular the 'Analytics Information from Downloadable Products' section. 

See also our End User Agreement.


You can opt in to, or out of, data collection at any time. A Stash admin can change the data collection settings by going to Analytics (under 'Settings') in the Stash admin area.


We use the Atlassian Analytics plugin to collect event data in Stash. Analytics logs are stored locally and then periodically uploaded to a secure location.

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