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Stash allows you to manage the permissions for just a single repository, or for a group of repositories together from the project.

Stash supports 3 levels of permissions for repositories: 

  • 管理
  • 書き込み
  • 対象ページ

Depending on your permissions level, you can perform different actions in the repository:



Clone, fork, pull
Create, browse, comment on, a pull request
プル リクエストのマージ
Edit settings and permissions












Granting access to a repository

To modify it's permissions, go to the repository's settings and click on Repository (under 'Permissions'). Click in the Add Users or Add Groups field in the relevant section to search for, and bulk add, users or groups. Now choose a permission from the list and click Add.

Once added, you can use the checkboxes to edit specific permissions for an individual user or a particular group.

Granting access to all repositories within a project

If you have a large number of repositories in a project, project level permissions provide a convenient way to grant access to all repositories within that project. For example you can grant a group, say "Team A", Write access at the project level, which will automatically give them Write access to all existing repositories in the project, as well as any repositories that are subsequently created in the project.

To modify permissions for a project, click the Permissions tab when viewing the project. You can add, or modify, permissions for individual users, and groups, in the same way as described above for a single repository.

Granting permission to create repositories

Only users with project administration permission can create new repositories.  

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