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An add-on is an installable component that supplements or enhances the functionality of Stash in some way. For example, the Custom Navigation Plugin enables you to configure custom navigation tabs specific to a repository. Other add-ons are available for adding graphs to Stash, importing SVN source control projects into Stash, and accessing Atlassian support from Stash.

Stash comes with many pre-installed add-ons (called system add-ons). You can install more add-ons, either by acquiring the add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace or by uploading it from your file system. This means that you can install add-ons that you have developed yourself. For information about developing your own add-ons for Stash, see the Stash Developer Documentation.


Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) について

You administer add-ons for Stash using the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). The UPM is itself an add-on that exposes add-on administration pages in the Stash Administration Console. UPM works across Atlassian applications, providing a consistent interface for administering add-ons in Stash, Crucible, Confluence, Fisheye, JIRA and Bamboo.

UPM comes pre-installed in recent versions of all Atlassian applications, so you do not normally need to install it yourself. However, like other add-ons, the UPM software is subject to regular software updates. Before administering add-ons in Stash, therefore, you should verify your version of the UPM and update it if needed.

Administering add-ons in Stash

UPM のアドオン管理ページから、UPM または任意のアドオンを更新できます。さらに、以下のタスクを UPM 管理ページから実行できます。

  • アドオンのインストールまたは削除
  • アドオンの設定
  • Discover and install new add-ons from the Atlassian Marketplace
  • アドオンとそのコンポーネント モジュールの 有効化または無効化


アトラシアン アプリケーションで、アドオン リクエスト機能が有効になっている場合、管理者以外のユーザーも Atlassian Marketplace でアドオンを検索できます。このようなユーザーには、アドオンをインストールするオプションの代わりに、アトラシアン アプリケーションの管理者にアドオンをリクエストするオプションが提供されます。

For more information on administering the add-on request feature or performing other common add-on administration tasks, see the Universal Plugin Manager documentation. For an end-user's view of requesting add-ons in Stash, see Requesting add-ons.



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