Documentation for JIRA 5.2. Documentation for other versions of JIRA is available too.




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  1. Anonymous

    From the dashboard ( selecting the JIRA documentation quick link I'm not getting redirected to the latest JIRA documentation. Instead of the latest documentation it's 5.2 JIRA Documentation

  2. JIRA 5.2 is our currently released version. JIRA 6.0 is still in testing, pre-Beta. You can find that documentation here: Jira Documentation

  3. Anonymous


    How to getting help on JIRA statistic issues by project ?

    Want to know if it's possible to view the default screen where you see % etc... by project

    Thank you

  4. Anonymous


    Please advise if JIRA ver v4.0.1#471 is compatible with MS Excel 2010 in exporting data. The exported file is saved temporarily elsewhere, and when it tries to open it comes back with an error regarding the file name or the file extension not being valid.  The file name string does have square brackets in it, Data can be exported successfully to Excel 2003

  5. Anonymous

    The feature that allows search results to be exported to Microsoft Excel is very useful. I quite often create a single JIRA item which includes many sub-tasks. Is it somehow possibe to export the JIRA item to Excel with its list of sub-tasks? (it only seems possible to export to Word or XML with the current View button).

  6. Anonymous


     We have noticed that there is a specific chain of status' that need to be followed,


    How can I get details regarding each status and the action item related to this?