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(info) Note that this page only applies if you are using the Classic Boards (which are no longer being actively developed; read more).


If a product is being developed by more than one team, members of your teams may wish to view GreenHopper's chart data by issues which are relevant to their teams only. This requires that 'team identifiers' be specified on a team's issues. There are two approaches for specifying team identifiers on JIRA issues:

Using Labels (Recommended)

This simple approach involves adding a team identifier label to each JIRA issue worked on by a team. A 'team identifier' label is a JIRA label that identifies the team who worked on an issue. An issue may have more than one team identifier label if it was worked on by more than one team.

(info) Since team identifier labels are used for filtering issues (see Showing Chart Information By Team), consistent team identifier labels should be added to a team's issues.
(tick) After a label has been added to a JIRA issue, it may appear in a list of suggestions in the 'Labels' dialog box's drop-down. Use the 'Suggestions' drop-down to assist with consistent issue labelling.

Using Components (Not Recommended)

It is also possible to specify 'team identifiers' on JIRA issues as JIRA project components. (See the documentation on Defining a Component.)

Although using components as team identifiers ensures that consistent team identifiers are applied to issues (since each component must be predefined by JIRA project administrators), we do not recommend using components as team identifiers for the following reasons:

  • Components are designed to represent tangible components of work which constitute an individual JIRA project. Components are not designed to represent individual teams who work on one or more JIRA projects.
  • Components are JIRA project-specific. Hence, if your team needs to manipulate issues from multiple JIRA projects on a Rapid Board and must specify team identifiers on these issues as components, you would need to predefine the same set of team identifier components for each JIRA project available on that Rapid Board.