Documentation for GreenHopper 6.1.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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When anonymous usage data collection is enabled for an instance of GreenHopper a variety of information is collected and sent to Atlassian to help us improve the user experience. The information we collect includes the number of uses of various features and functions as well as the GreenHopper configuration related to those functions. We do not expect this information will include any personally identifiable information (see below for more detail).

Specific Data

The following is the specific event data that we collect:

  • Views of the Getting Started Page (and links used from the Getting Started Page).
  • Views of the Chart Introduction Page.
  • Creates, edits and deletes of Rapid Boards (including the JQL used).
  • Creates of projects.
  • Creates, edits and deletes of Swimlanes, Columns, Card Color Configuration and Quick Filters in Rapid Boards (including the JQL used).
  • Starts and ends of Sprints in Rapid Boards.
  • Releasing of Versions from Rapid Boards.
  • Actioning and ranking of issues on Rapid Boards.

No personally identifiable information is collected unless the JQL used in a Rapid Board explicitly includes such information. We believe there is no reasonable case where such use would occur absent an affirmative action by the administrator to transmit such information.

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