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2010 年 3 月 16 日

The Atlassian team are proud to announce the release of GreenHopper 4.3.1.

GreenHopper 4.3.1 addresses a performance issue a number of our customers have experienced with the introduction of project templates in GreenHopper 4.3. In addition, GreenHopper 4.3.1 includes a number improvements to the Chart Board, Agile Gadget and Project Templates.

Upgrading to GreenHopper 4.3.1 is recommended and is free for all customers with an active GreenHopper license.


Thank you for your feedback:

30 new features and improvements implemented
9 votes fulfilled

Your votes and issues help us keep improving our products, and are greatly appreciated.

Please keep logging your votes and issues. They help us decide what needs doing!

Upgrading to GreenHopper 4.3.1

You can download GreenHopper from the Atlassian website. If upgrading from a previous version, please read the GreenHopper 4.3.1 Upgrade Guide.

Highlights of GreenHopper 4.3.1


Agile Gadget now shows Statistics

The Agile Gadget now displays the same statistics as shown on your Planning Board.


Custom templates

You can now create your own custom project templates. A custom template allows you to define a set of project template settings which can be:

  • Identified by its own name
  • Completely independent of the 'Scrum' and 'Default' project templates.

Screenshot: Specifying the name of a custom template


Charts now indicate 'work in progress'

While individuals work on their GreenHopper project issues during a given working day, chart curves depicting hours burned, issues completed or changes in custom field units, such as 'story points burned' or 'business value gained', are likely to shift throughout the day (from the starting point of midnight that day).

Therefore, we've now indicated this shifting chart data with dotted lines, to represent 'ongoing work' or 'work in progress', and help distinguish it from historical data that remains static.

Screenshot: The Hour Burndown Chart showing the distinction between static historical data and shifting 'ongoing work' data

Plus 30 fixes and improvements

The issues for GreenHopper 4.3.1 are shown below. To view the list in JIRA, please see here.

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