Documentation for GreenHopper 6.1.x. Documentation for other versions of JIRA Agile is available too.
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(info) Note that this page only applies if you are using the Classic Boards (which are no longer being actively developed; read more).
If you are using the new boards, please see Configuring Card Colours instead.


Users can view issues in GreenHopper in three different views — 'Summaries', 'Cards' and 'List' views. Each of these views can be configured per issue type in your project, e.g. you can have a card style for your Bugs and another card style for your Tasks.

Please note the following information regarding card styles:

  • When a user creates a 'new card' in GreenHopper, the fields on the 'new card' dialog will be the same fields in the 'Card' view you configure here.
  • GreenHopper respects the JIRA field configuration schemes that you have configured, hence some fields may not be visible in your cards. GreenHopper will simply replace these fields with a blank line.
  • GreenHopper respects the JIRA permission schemes that you have configured, hence some fields may not be editable in your cards for people who don't have the appropriate permissions.
  • Most of the JIRA built-in custom field types are supported and can be included in your card styles. Here is the complete list of the supported custom field types:
    • 日付と時刻
    • Date Picker
    • Number Field — Also used for Statistics
    • Multi Select — Also used for the Flagging field
    • Select List
    • Text Field (<255 characters)
    • Free Text Field (unlimited)
    • Group Picker
    • User Picker
    • Multi User Picker

(info) Users can also view a card as a JIRA issue, which will show all fields that are configured in your JIRA system. If you wish to change these fields, edit the JIRA field configuration. E.g. if you prefer not to use the JIRA 'Priority' field, hide it in the relevant field configuration.

To configure the card style for an issue type,

  1. Log in as a user with the 'Administer Projects' permission for the project.
  2. Select Agile > Classic in the top navigation bar. Then select Classic Planning Board from the drop-down below the project name.
  3. Click the 'Tools' menu and click 'Configuration' from the dropdown. The project configuration page will display.
  4. Click the 'Card Styles' tab. The configuration screen for card styles per issue type will display (see screenshot below).
    (info) Please note: any changes that you make are applied immediately. If you make a mistake, you will need to fix it manually.
    • 'All Views' — select the card colour for each Issue Type as follows:
      • Click the 'Change colour' button to either select a named colour, type in an RGB hex codes, or specify an RGB colour by dragging the colour sliders.
      • Click the 'Restore default colour' button to reset the colour to the system default for the current Issue Type.
      • Select the 'Enable background colour by default' check-box to display the entire card (not just its header) in the mapped colour for the card's issue type. Note that individual users can override this via their User Preferences.
    • 'Card View' / 'Summary View' / 'List View' — for the currently-selected Issue Type, configure the layout for each view as follows:
      • To add a field, select the desired field from the 'Field name' drop-down, then click the 'Add field' button.
      • To delete a field, click the small 'x' icon next to the field name.
      • To move a field to a different position, simply drag and drop the field.
      • To add whitespace between fields, insert the field called 'Spacer'.
      • 'Card View' only: To select a corner-field, select the desired field from the drop-down in the bottom right corner of the 'Card View'.
        (info) The corner-field that you select for the 'Card View' will also be used in the 'Summary View' and 'List View'.
      • To reset the layout for a view to the system default, click the 'Restore default layout' button.
      • To apply the current layout to all Issue Types, click the 'Apply to all Issues Types' button.

(info) 注意:

Screenshot: Configuring Card Styles for a project

You must have the 'Administer Project' permission for a particular project in order to configure the settings described on this page.