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2010 年 6 月 24 日

Atlassian Gadgets 2.0.4 is now available. (We did not do a public release of version 2.0.3, due to a Maven mishap.)

This is a bug-fix release that solves a few problems with AJAX requests, the user interface and JSON parsing.

In particular, this release fixes a problem that caused gadgets to display 'Malformed security token' if the dashboard is not refreshed for a period of time. The Atlassian Gadgets framework now supports a new authentication refresh feature. The dashboard will verify and refresh the authentication of every gadget on a regular basis. The new authentication refresh feature is automatically included in every gadget. See the developer documentation​.

Want to develop an Atlassian gadget?
Take a look at the gadget developer guide​. Then see how to use the Atlassian Plugin SDK​ and wrap your gadget as a plugin.

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