This is the documentation for Clover 3.3. View this page for the

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of Clover, or visit the latest Clover documentation.

This page contains the installation instructions for Clover-for-Maven 1. On this page:





Version 1.0.2 or 1.1


1.4 or above.


Approximately 100MB will be used by your local Maven repository.


For very large projects we recommend 512MB

Maven and Java must already be installed.

(info) If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Clover-for-Maven 1, see the Clover-for-Maven 1 Upgrade Guide for important preliminary instructions.

1. Downloading the Plugin

To download Clover-for-Maven 1, run the following command at the console:

maven plugin:download -Dversion=2.4.2 -DgroupId=maven -DartifactId=maven-clover-plugin

2. Acquiring the Dependencies from Atlassian

To acquire the dependencies from Atlassian, run the following command at the console:

maven clover:on -Dmaven.repo.remote=

3. Configuring your Clover License

To configure your license, set the following Maven property:


Where '/Users/username/clover.license' is the path to your clover license file. You can acquire a Clover license from the Atlassian web site.

4. Configuring your MAVEN_OPTS (optional)

If your project is very large, you may need to give Clover more heap space. To do this, add the following system property:


You can now begin using Clover-for-Maven 1. See the Clover-for-Maven 1 User's Guide.

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