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Changes in Clover-for-IDEA 3.1.12


This release of the Clover-for-IDEA plug-in supports the "external build" feature introduced in IDEA 12 official release (File > Settings > Project Settings > Compiler > "Use external build" toggle). However, in order to use the external build, please use the IDEA version 12.1.1 or later. 

For older versions, i.e. a combination of Clover 3.1.8-3.1.12 and IDEA 12.0.0-12.1.0 please keep the "external build" feature disabled.

Enabling the "external build" feature

Open the File > Settings > Project Settings > Compiler page.

Use the following state for toggles:

  • Use external build - it can be either enabled (the new IDEA12 feature is used) or disabled (the "classic" IDEA build is used)
  • Make project automatically - it's strongly recommended to disable this option; enabling it causes frequent compilation and faster growth of Clover database, which might affect performance
  • Compile independent modules in parallel - it must be disabled; Clover does not support parallel build; follow the CLOV-1293 for future updates


The "Clover for IDEA" has been renamed to "Atlassian Clover for IDEA" on the plug-in list (File > Settings > Plugins).

JIRA issue list

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See also the Clover-for-Ant Changelog.

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