Application Links (sometimes called "AppLinks") is a bundled plugin that allows you to link your JIRA, Confluence, StashFishEye, Crucible and Bamboo applications. Linking two applications allows you to share information and access one application's functions from within the other. For example, if you link JIRA and Confluence, you can view JIRA issues on a Confluence page via the JIRA Issues macro. You can even link your individual projects, spaces and repositories with each other, across the different applications.

The Application Links plugin is bundled and shipped with the Atlassian applications. You cannot install it yourself. 

For information about linking applications, see the appropriate page for the application you want to link:

  • For Atlassian applications that use Applinks 4.0, or later (see the version matrix), creating a new application link now uses OAuth by default and enables both 3-legged OAuth (3LO) and 2-legged OAuth (2LO).
    • When updating older application links (that perhaps used Trusted Apps authentication) to use OAuth, 3LO is used by default, but you need to explicitly enable 2LO using the check box in the application link configuration settings.
    • Only use the 2LO with impersonation option in the application link configuration settings if your servers both have the same set of users and they fully trust each other.
  • Server applications can be linked to cloud applications. To create an application link in this case, you must add the domain name of the cloud instance as a rule (that accepts incoming requests) to the server application's whitelist. In order for a cloud application to make use of all the functionality available with application links when linked to a server application, the server application must be accessible to it through port 80 or 443.
  • If you run an application on port 443, you must use a valid SSL certificate (not self-signed) for the functionality available with application links to work fully.

  • When using Firefox (version 23 or later) to create an application link from HTTP to HTTPS URLs, Firefox might initially block the connection and issue a warning. You can allow the connection and continue to set up the link.

  • When linking applications to JIRA, the remote API must be enabled in JIRA ('Accept remote API calls' parameter in General Configuration).
  • If you are having trouble linking to a server application, make sure that the base URL is set correctly.

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