Connecting CrowdID to a Database



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CrowdID is a free add-on that ships with Crowd versions 1.1 and later.

By default, CrowdID in the Crowd distribution (not EAR-WAR) is shipped preconfigured with HSQL. This is fine for evaluation purposes, but for production installations, you should connect CrowdID to an enterprise database. This also lets you take advantage of existing database backup and recovery procedures.

CrowdID database connection is not yet part of Setup Wizard

This page describes the procedure for connecting CrowdID to an external database. You'll notice that the procedure for connecting Crowd itself to a database is simpler, because the Crowd database connection is configured by the Crowd Setup Wizard. The CrowdID database configuration cannot be done as part of the Setup Wizard. We hope to improve the CrowdID integration soon. In the meantime, please follow the steps below.

The following instructions will allow you to configure CrowdID to an external database:

Database Overview

CrowdID in the Crowd distribution (not EAR-WAR) includes the Apache Tomcat application server and an in-memory HSQL database engine. This JNDI reference (CrowdIDDS) can be adjusted to use your custom database and driver by editing the crowd.xml deployment description.

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