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The Crowd Home directory is where Crowd will store its configuration information. If you are using the embedded HSQL database, supplied for evaluation purposes, Crowd will also store its database in this directory. (Note however that the CrowdID database will be in the installation directory, not the Home directory.) To specify the Crowd Home directory:

  • Open the crowd-init.properties file. This is found at <crowd_install_directory>/crowd-webapp/WEB-INF/classes/crowd-init.properties
  • Choose the appropriate line in the file, depending upon your operating system (see below).
  • Remove the # at the beginning of the line.
  • Enter the name of the directory you want Crowd to use as its Home directory. For example,
    • Windows の場合


      Note: On Windows, make sure you use forward slashes as shown above, not backward slashes.

    • On Mac and UNIX-based systems:



      Please, ensure that the Crowd Home directory will not match the Crowd installation directory AND it is writable by the user executing the initialization script.

  • Save the crowd-init.properties file.

Advanced Usage

It is also possible to define the crowd.home property as a Java system or Servlet Context parameter.

Java System Parameter

Use the following format for your Java parameter:

Where should you put this value?

You could add it to the setenv.sh or setenv.bat file supplied with the Crowd distribution (not Crowd EAR-WAR).

Servlet Context Parameter

The following configuration XML can be added to the crowd-standalone-install/apache-tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/crowd.xml context file
to set the crowd.home property:

   <Parameter name="crowd.home" value="/var/crowd-home" override="false"/>        
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