Crowd 5.3 Upgrade Notes

19 April, 2024

Here are some important notes on upgrading to Crowd 5.3. To learn about new features, check out the release notes.

 アップグレード ノート


サーバー ライセンスのサポート終了

Crowd 5.3 is the first Data Center-only release and doesn’t support Server licenses. If you have a Server license, learn more about your options. With Atlassian Server end of support, you’ll need to ensure you have a valid Data Center license before upgrading to Crowd 5.3.

LDAP synchronization improvements

We've improved the speed, performance, and memory usage of the LDAP full and incremental synchronization process. The feature is turned on by default and will be automatically enabled after updating to Crowd 5.3.

Disable the feature

While we don’t recommend disabling this feature as it might improve performance by using less memory than before, it’s possible to do so in case of any issues. There are a few ways to disable this feature:

  • Disable the feature by setting the system property to true and restarting Crowd.

  • We switched to using both usnChanged and ObjectGUID between internal and remote directory when looking for changes since the last incremental synchronization. In case of any issues, you can switch back to legacy mode (based on usnChanged only) by setting the system property to true and restarting Crowd.

  • We also introduced up-front membership retrieval—caching group memberships. If you enabled and still have issues, you can disable memberships caching by setting the system property to true and restarting Crowd.

CrowdID and OpenID client removal

In Crowd 5.3, we’ve removed the integrated OpenID web apps from the distribution to make Crowd deployments more secure. This change has no impact if you weren’t using the web apps. If you were, we recommend switching to another OpenID provider.

If you installed Crowd with integrated apps, you won’t lose your configuration. Crowd 5.3 will start normally but the integrated apps won’t work. If your Crowd deployment is relying on the OpenID integration for user login, you need to switch to another OpenID provider on your older version of Crowd and only then migrate to Crowd 5.3.

Even though as a short-term solution you can still use the OpenID web apps bundled with Crowd 5.2 distribution, we don’t recommend it as they're considered a security risk.


Crowd 5.3 will be the last version to provide support for OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 in favor of OpenJDK 17. Crowd 5.3 will also be the last version to support connecting to the database using JNDI.


Crowd REST API was upgraded from Jackson/Jersey v1 to v2. The new implementation works the same way as the original one and there should be no impact on app development.

最終更新日 2024 年 4 月 19 日


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