'Your URL doesn't match warning' displayed in Confluence 6.1 or later


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Confluence displays the following message to administrators:

Your URL doesn't match

Confluence's base URL is set to <address> but you are accessing Confluence from <address>.


This message appears when you are accessing Confluence via a URL that is different to the URL that was set as Confluence's base URL. This can cause errors and unexpected behaviour in some parts of Confluence.

If the URLs displayed are identical, this could be because the ProxyName and ProxyPort in your server.xml file have incorrect values. If you do not use a reverse proxy, make sure ProxyName and ProxyPort is not configured in your server.xml.


You can choose to ignore this error, but we do find that Confluence works best when the base URL is set correctly. This should be the same URL that your reverse proxy or load balancer uses.

To update your base URL:

  1. Go to  > General Configuration
  2. [編集] を選択します。
  3. Enter your actual Confluence URL (the URL that users will use to access Confluence) and save your changes.

これでベース URL の警告が非表示になります。 


If there is a reason you don't access Confluence via the base URL (for example you have multiple URLs configured in your reverse proxy), or if the Base URL check is incorrectly detecting your base URL you can disable the check. 

For Confluence Versions below 7.3:

To disable this check in your site:

  1.  > [アドオン] > [システム] に移動します。
  2. Disable the Confluence Base URL plugin system add-on. 

For Confluence versions 7.3 or greater:

これでベース URL の警告が非表示になります。 

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