Wiki markup tab no longer exists in Confluence 4.0.


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  • You directly edit using wiki markup format
  • The wiki markup tab is missing in Confluence 4.0


There were a number of factors that went into this important decision.

The editor is the single most important feature in Confluence. Confluence 3.5 has two editors: the rich text editor and the wiki markup editor. Each has its strong points and weak points.

  • The rich text editor in particular has problems in stability and consistency, because it has to convert all content from rich text to wiki markup before storing content on the database. This leads to the so-called 'round-tripping' problems, where the page looks different in display mode than when created in edit mode.
  • Many people find the wiki markup editor hard to use, particularly for long pages and complex layouts. We often hear from customers that the number one barrier to wiki adoption in their organisation is that people have to learn wiki markup.

Many customers have given us great feedback on the shortcomings of the current editors and the things they would like to see in a Confluence editor. We are introducing a single new editor to replace both the wiki markup editor and the rich text editor. The new editor will help us to solve the problems mentioned above and will provide a stable platform on which we can build high-demand features in future releases.






There is a comprehensive Editor FAQ

and some great documentation for former wiki users as well as former RTE users that should help you with this transition.







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