Which Confluence user tables are deprecated and can be removed for GDPR Compliance?


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With the new GDPR regulations that go into effect on the 25th of May, 2018, you may be checking your Confluence instance in relation to your organization's GDPR compliance effort. You may find several tables that appear to be dealing with user data appear in the database schema, although they don't appear to hold any data. 



  • Confluence 6.0+
  • データベーステーブル
    • external_entities
    • external_members
    • groups
    • local_members
    • users
    • os_user
    • os_group
    • os_user_group


While the database tables have been deprecated, they have not been removed from the Confluence schema per  CONFSERVER-28908 - Getting issue details... STATUS



Depending on your database, you can choose to truncate or drop these tables since they are no longer in use with Confluence 6.0+.

For more information on GDPR and Confluence, you can check our Confluence Server and Data Center GDPR support guides.

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